Work team

Our internationalization consultants.

The internationalization consultants of IC&Partners have a multidisciplinary background ranging from management to fiscal and legal sectors. At the same time, they offer a deep operational knowledge of several economic sectors and of their specific dynamics in the relevant foreign countries.


All internationalization consultants of IC&Partners comply with procedures and processes tailored to suit the specific characteristics of each company and its needs in terms of export and growth abroad. Shared work procedures and quality standards are common to the action of all internationalization consultants and all foreign subsidiaries of IC&Partners.


Roberto Corciulo
Silvio Musso
Roberto Guerrini
Eugenio Santioni
Gabriele Copetti
Nicola Rucli
Matteo Costariol
Alberto Birtele
Gabriele Zambon
Mauro Galluzzo
Antonio Muratore
Giovanni Nifosì
Ivan Palichev
Sandro Scardazza
Claudio Pittia
Daliborka Martić
Kristina Zorzenon
Giovanna Celdini
Elisabetta Del Zotto
Giovanni Gracco