Global marketing

Global marketing

Tailored international marketing consulting.

Global marketing encompasses international marketing consulting activities. It regards consulting services aimed at effectively steering each company towards the foreign markets with the highest business potential.

International marketing consulting projects are flexible and can adapt to the characteristics and objectives of each company. They include a number of strategic and operational steps: from the selection and analysis of the target market to the development of entry strategies, from the selection of business partners to temporary management projects.



Are you looking abroad?

We show you the best horizon.


MyCheck offers the company an objective evaluation of its internationalization propensity, and indicates the most suitable market, which it should address in order to undertake its path of growth abroad in line with its objectives, and the ways in which such objectives can be achieved.

Knowing the resources on which a company can count permits to define realistic business objectives and suitable strategies to achieve them.


MyCheck is based on an analysis model that evaluates a company in its relevant dimensions, from the organizational structure to the offer system, so as to bring out its specific elements, strengths and weaknesses to be addressed.

Based on this information, MyCheck identifies the target market that is most consistent with the company’s objectives and abilities, and moreover, it offers the company initial advice on how it should operate and what means should be used to undertake a successful growth path.


Are you ready?

We introduce you to the target markets.


MyMarket helps the company understand the characteristics of the target market, providing targeted and in-depth information on the main trends and dynamics of each sector.

Facing international markets means going into unknown contexts, with business dynamics that are new, different from the experiences made on the national territory. A successful strategy must rely on the awareness of the company’s competitive advantages and on the knowledge of the reference context.

MyMarket explores a market in detail, starting from the analysis of the country in its relevant macroeconomic aspects, to reach the focus of the reference product sector of the company. Characteristics and dimension of the sector, trends, business potential, analysis of the competitors and of their positioning are the cornerstones of the analysis, on which the company’s entry and enhancement strategy should be based.


Growing abroad: with whom?

We find suppliers, customers and partners for you.


MyHunter is the consulting service that allows a company to find the most suitable partners to successfully operate on foreign markets.


A company does not operate alone on the market, but with local partners who can begin to lead it toward success: a targeted selection of partners in line with the company’s needs and with the business objectives is key to establish the company’s presence on the market.


MyHunter is the service that helps a company find the most suitable partners — suppliers, distributors, customers — for its own needs, to firmly position itself in a certain competitive context. The service is comprised of several operational steps, starting from the definition of the profile of the ideal partner, to arrive to the selection and mapping of the names up to the identification of a short-list of contacts in line with the target identified by the company. The service can be completed with activities of promotion, contact and introduction of the company to the potential partner and assistance during business missions.


Are you looking for support on site?

Our temporary managers are ready to help you.


MyBridge offers a continuing monitoring of the foreign market thanks to the on-site presence of a professional expert. The company can thus count on a manager who, through collaboration in outsourcing, knows and operates directly on the territory.

The key to success of a business abroad is knowing the specific characteristics of the market and creating direct contacts both upstream, with suppliers, and downstream, with distributors.


MyBridge puts an expert at the disposal of a company who operates on the foreign market and represents the company, combining expertise and direct presence with the typical flexibility of temporary management. The service meets the need for continuing monitoring of a market over a certain period, usually one year. The relevant contents are defined pursuant to the company’s needs on account management, business promotion and development, and business mission assistance. The service includes reports on the activities carried out on a monthly basis.