Professional advisory

Professional advisory

Growth is the primary objective.

IC&Partners accompanies your business along its process of development and consolidation abroad, with the objective of handling together a complex and constantly evolving international context.

We promote the growth of companies on the global markets through the business and professional consulting services we offer. Our approach starts from the consideration that a company with a suitable structure in terms of services can better direct its attention towards research, development and the growth of its business.

IC&Partners offers professional consulting to companies with a project of international expansion in tax, accounting, administrative and legal areas, acting at two levels: from Italy, at a strategic level, with the definition of development paths, and from abroad, with support to day-to-day operations.

The strength, reliability and value added IC&Partners is able to offer come from its over twenty years of experience, its direct presence on foreign markets through its own subsidiaries and its multidisciplinary team of professional experts specializing in local subjects and laws.


Business planning

Whether it regards a start-up or an extension of an existing enterprise, each business idea related to internationalization requires a scientific approach, where the business plan is an instrument that is strictly needed to define mission, objectives, operational steps, and the necessary financial commitment and human resources.

IC&Partners carries out the business planning activity by measuring and assessing international development projects with an integrated approach: it puts all useful skills together to decide whether or not an investment is feasible and to structure it at best.

IC&Partners operates taking in view the business complexity of a company that starts from its market of origin to move towards foreign markets. Abroad, IC&Partners’ foreign subsidiaries offer their contribution with proposals and guidance, while ensuring at the same time a real perspective on the planned operations. Thus, IC&Partners indicates business opportunities, operational partners, sources of financing, tax breaks or the presence of special economic zones: these are elements that can make the difference in the business growth project and ensure the maximum efficacy in the results.

Advisory & Finance

IC&Partners advisory services aim at recognizing and foreseeing the changes that occur in complex contexts such as international markets, in order to help companies grow and to steer them toward new business opportunities, while reducing the impact of all possible risks.


To complete the entry strategy consulting service, once the suitable target markets for the company have been identified, IC&Partners develops the business plan, accompanying the company in mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and organizational advice to limit the administrative liability of organizations – with particular regard to Italian legislative decree 231/01.

Moreover, also for the sake of completion, the finance area analyzes the structure, the needs and the financial flows of the company to verify their consistency and point out any problem, suggest remedies and evaluate the various, possible financial sources.

IC&Partners’ contribution in these areas stands out for its approach to internationalization projects, which are considered comprehensively, for availing of professional experts with multidisciplinary skills able to cover different consulting areas in an integrated manner, for its experience and the ability to operate in each single Country, and for the extensive network of relations it is able to offer.


Audit, whether optional or mandatory, is an important analysis procedure that permits to understand and certify the business situation of the company and of its management, therefore representing an effective instrument for the forecast of future scenarios.

With regard to an international company, the audit permits to certify beyond any doubts that the statements made abroad conform to the applicable legislation; moreover, it establishes and provides data and information, on which it is possible to rely for strategic choices or actions to be taken in order to improve the company performance.

IC&Partners offers audit activities in the accounting areas to verify that they are correct in civil, tax, currency and administrative terms. Moreover, it certifies financial statements and prepares the necessary document for extraordinary operations, where needed. Its approach to consulting is based on a solid knowledge of the company, the market in which it operates, the strategies it is carrying out, the risks it may incur and the objectives it has set.

Accounting & Reporting

With the accounting & reporting service, IC&Partners offers companies a complete service regarding the keeping of the accounts in accordance with the rules and the economic and financial reporting requirements of the foreign countries, in which they are based. It also prepares those reports, which, depending on the client’s needs, are necessary to have a precise view of the progress of the corporate activities.


The advantage offered by IC&Partners in managing the accounting & reporting activities consists in providing a very specific service via outsourcing, directly in the foreign country, for which it can rely on a team of professional experts trained on the local legislation. IC&Partners pays particular attention to include ordinary accounts within the complexity of a company organized with subsidiaries in different countries. The accounting systems are therefore adjusted in order to interpret the business data in a uniform manner.


Tax & Legal

For companies that wish to grow and establish themselves on international markets, it is essential to know the local tax context, in order to be able to operate in accordance with the law and effectively plan their business strategy.

IC&Partners offers consulting services on international tax issues to support, in accordance with a harmonious group tax plan, companies that operate in different countries and with different jurisdictions. Through its foreign subsidiaries, IC&Partners manages all tax and reporting requirements on site, on behalf of its clients. Its specialization areas include, among others, transfer pricing, the rules regulating the CFC – Controlled Foreign Companies, offshore shell companies, permanent business establishments and tax sustainability plans.

In international companies’ vision, legal advice is an integral part of complex consultancy activities.
IC&Partners’ approach means assistance and support in commercial law and contract law usual in international practice, corporate establishment and governance, extraordinary corporate transactions, regulatory and competition issues for marketing products and services overseas, industrial law and intellectual property.

Human resources

For companies that have developed a structure with employees abroad, the management of pay statements implies an important administrative effort, as it requires the knowledge of the local legislation of the foreign countries, for which they are intended. This, however, can be entrusted to the foreign subsidiaries of IC&Partners, which have the necessary expertise for an efficient management of the pay roll operations.


Moreover, if employees are moved from the Italian headquarters to foreign subsidiaries, IC&Partners supports the management of documents and of tax and social security issues for a proper organization of the transfers abroad, be they within Europe or to non-EU Countries where there are no bilateral conventions. The consulting services are provided after a comparative analysis of the various possible options in order to identify the most suitable and cost-effective one in that specific case, and therefore find a good solution in business terms and avoid incurring penalties resulting from the failure to manage the expatriate personnel.

The client company can thus focus its attention onto activities with higher value added such as the strategy of selection and management of human resources.

Product nationalization in the Russian Federation

Over the last few years, export requirements and rules have changed in a number of Countries: for instance, the establishment of the Eurasian Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Vietnam) has given origin to a larger market that has united several countries and harmonized their export rules. At the same time, the GOST procedure has been replaced with the EAC mandatory product certifications.


IC&Partners recommends product nationalization, that is, the direct management of export by the company, throughout the logistic process and the pricing of the goods, through the chain of customs and excise duties, taxes charged, transportation costs, selection of the methods of collection and EAC mandatory product certification.

To be an active part of this process means for the company to be able to clearly see the destination targets of the goods and their final price.

In addition, IC&Partners offers a specialized service of assistance for the EAC mandatory product certification towards the Eurasian Customs Union, by availing of accredited certifying bodies and providing the service of representation for certification purposes, as required under the new rules.

IC&Partners education

IC&Partners has always accompanied its core business of consulting with training activities aimed at companies and their managers.

IC&Partners LAB has been established in this spirit of complementarity to the consulting activity, in order to offer deeper analyses on the subject of business internationalization from several standpoints, involving strategic, commercial, tax and legal issues. The focus can be directed to specific geographical areas, single Countries or sectors.

IC&Partners LAB’s workshops introduce the theoretical foundations of the subject proposed; but most of all, they are built around the presentation of examples and emblematic case histories worked out by IC&Partners highly-experienced consultants.