IC Trade

IC Trade – Russian Federation


IC Trade is the Moscow based company owned by IC&Partners, which deals with commercial development, analysis of customs and logistics issues, management of the mandatory EAC product certification process and analysis and management of import substitution projects. A company wishing to enter or develop its business in Russia must know the characteristics of the market, enhance every aspect of the production and supply chain in order to offer the end consumer competitive prices and quality, shortening the distribution channels, where possible, or invest to produce locally – import substitution. IC Trade has the skills to support companies in their search for commercial and industrial partners and to develop import substitution projects.


Entry strategy

Includes strategic advice to plan the  commercial development and reinforcement on the Russian market, market analyses, search and selection of partners and temporary managers, advice on customs and logistics issues.


EAC Product Certificates

Regards the assistance in the mandatory EAC product certification process; moreover IC Trade can act as Applicant, i.e. representative for the EAC certification purposes only, for a manufacturer  that exports goods to member countries of the Eurasian Customs Union – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirzikistan. In its activity, IC Trade relies exclusively on certifying bodies accredited with Russian authorities.


Import substitution

Specialist area regarding assistance in projects of localisation of all or part of the production process, through the analysis and proposal of the options that are most suitable for the targets and the characteristics of each client and the typology of the products/services they intend to offer. The advice can rely on a solid network of relationships with Russian institutional operators, and particularly with the Special Economic Zones and a selection of public Agencies for the promotion of investments.